Terms and Conditions

Historic Interiors Limited (Ltd.) T/A Historic Interiors, The Vintage Hub and Mid-Century Online (“the Company”).

Terms and Conditions of Business.

Basis of contract

An order by a Customer accepted by Historic Interiors Limited is subject to these terms and conditions of business and constitutes the Customers agreement to purchase services from Historic Interiors in accordance with these terms and conditions of business.

Customer obligations

  • To provide Historic Interiors with required customer contact details and if applicable company details as per requested by the Company. The Company may request or require additional details prior to commencement of any services provided by Historic Interiors Limited.
  • To provide the Company in advance with dates and times for collections and returns. Ensuring returns are made within company operational hours. Additional costs may occur if the Customer return items outside specified opening hours.
  • To preserve all hired furniture, items and property in the condition as at the commencement of the contract and not make any alterations to the furniture, items or property or to create copies of the goods without a prior written consent of the Company.
  • To ensure all hired goods are used in accordance with the purpose of their hire.
  • To not lend hired furniture, item(s) and property belonging to the Company to other Customers/Productions/Events.
  • To notify the Company if any item(s) was not received as per the Customer order within 24 hours from hire commencement. Agreeing that it is the Customer’s responsibility to replace missing item(s) if not found within the premises of the Company.
  • To notify the Company of damages of any nature to furniture, items and property belonging to the Company. Agreeing that it is the Customer’s responsibility to pay any additional costs to repair or replace furniture, item(s) or property hired by the Customer.
  • To compensate the Company in full for each day of any late returns of hired goods in accordance with the Company’s charges, Hire Services and Charges.
  • If the Customer requires the Company to deliver or collect the Customer must provide the Company with full delivery details (date, time and full address) inclusive of any restrictions on parking, loading and unloading and any other details which may affect the delivery/collection service(s).
  • To pay any additional costs of a failed collection and/or delivery. The Customer is to pay any parking charges / fines as a result of the Company having to load / unload in areas subject to parking restrictions.
  • To ensure that furniture, items and property rented from Historic Interiors are insured before leaving the premises.

Hire Services and Charges

All rentals are based on a 1 week’s rental agreement, even if the Customer only requires the item(s) for less than 1 week.

The minimum hire fee is €50.00 + VAT

Customers can rent furniture and items to the maximum of 14 weeks unless a specific agreement have been agreed with the Company.

Hire of items as per Historic Interiors

Number of weeks

Percentage of Hire Value

1 week


10 days *Special Film/TV Rate Only*


2 weeks


3 weeks


4-14 weeks

2.5% per each week

14+ weeks

To be discussed

Students, Amatuer Dramatics, Musical Societies and Theatre are under a different rental ratio. Prices will vary depending on the furniture or item.

Hire of for sale items (The Vintage Hub) & (Mid Century Online)

Items belonging to the two shops – The Vintage Hub & Mid Century Online can be hired, the rates will range depending on value of the item and are subject to these hire terms:

Number of weeks

Percentage of Purchase Value

1 week


2 weeks


3 – 6 weeks

Additional 2.5% per each week.

6 – 14 weeks

To be discussed

14+ weeks

To be discussed

Loss & Damages

If an item has been lost during the transport of goods or on the job, the Customer must report this immediately to the Company. The customer is liable to replace the lost item as per the Risk Value stated on the hire docket provided to you.

If any furniture, items or property belonging to the Company is damaged, altered in any way the Customer is liable to pay for the restoration costs or replacement value of the item. Furniture, items or property belonging to the Company may have to be purcahsed by the Customer if the Company is unable to restore the item to its original condition.

Example 1: Dining table has some light markings – the Customer is liable to pay for the restoration, time and transport costs assoicated with bringing the dining table back to its original condition.
Example 2: Dining table has dents and deep scratches – the Customer is liable to purchase the item as per the sale price or Risk Value, unless another agreement has been reached.
Example 3: An armchair has dirty markings on upholstery – the Customer is liable to either pay for the material and time to redo the upholstery or purchase the item at the sale price or Risk Value, unless other agreement has been reached.

Approval Hire

Furniture, item(s) or property can be requested for “Appro” (Approval) and can only be kept for the maximum of 3 days. If items requested on Approval is not returned within the 3 days, the Customer will be charged for a week’s rental as per the rates in the table at “Hire Services and Charges”.

Late returns

Furniture or item(s) returned late by the Customer will be charged a late return fee. The fee is based on how many days/weeks the furniture or item(s) are overdue.

Example 1: Customer hire goods for 1 week, goods are returned 3 days late, the Customer is charged an additional 5% of the value of goods returned late.
Example 2: Customer hire goods for 2 weeks, goods are returned 2 days late, the Customer is charged an additional 2.5% of the value of goods returned late.


If a Customer wishes to cancel an order, there will be a cancellation fee as outlined below.

Items not gathered, packed or taken of shelves

No Cancellation Fee

Small order – few smalls, one or two furniture pieces

€50.00 (VAT included)

Medium order – Smalls and furniture

€75.00 (VAT included)

Large order – Lots of smalls and furniture

€150.00 (VAT included)

If a Customer has hired furniture and goods which has already been delivered or taken by the Customer/Company/Transport, the Customer will still be charged for the hire.

The Customer will be refunded on items hired as per examples outlined below.

Example 1: Customer hires furniture or items for 2 weeks and wish to return the items after 1 week, the customer will be charged for 1 week’s hire.
Example 2: Customer hire furniture or items for 1 week and wish to return the items within the same week, i.e. the following day, the Customer will be charged for 1 weeks hire.

Payment terms and types

The Company will issue an invoice to the Customer which will be sent by email to the Customer/Accounts Department or Company. The Customer may also be given a printed copy of the invoice.

Customers are obliged to pay the invoice issued by the Company within 14 days of receipt. 

Historic Interiors accepts all form of payment methods: Bank Transfer, Cheque, Cash or Card Payment.

All payments must be made to the exact amount as stated in the invoice.

The Terms and Condtions are subject to change.